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Constantina adores her beautiful and muscular ass, and feels incredibly empowered while she is twerking. Delfine likes her breasts the most, and they are her best friends. These two girls are incredibly sexy from head to toe!

Constantina and Delfine were drawn to the great cultural diversity that Berlin can offer. In search of new impulses, the two girls arrived in Germany’s capital a few years ago and decided to stay. They love how different cultural perspectives can expand their own horizons every day. Of course, this also includes sexual horizons - we are talking about Berlin, after all.

If Delfine and Constantina had a penis for a day, they would have as much sex as possible to fully test what it feels like. In this Intimate Moment, Delfine and Constantina can put this into practice with a very special toy. The pair can’t get enough of Delfine’s strap-on, enjoying it to the fullest and having a lot of wet fun!

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