We are – once again – in love: Today, medical assistant and horse owner Coco from Berlin exchanges her uniform for sexy lingerie and rides her favorite black dildo until it makes us dizzy.

    Medical Assistant Coco is just as open in terms of sex as you would expect a born and bred Berlin woman to be. The 24 year old tells us everything during her first Ersties interview. From her worst one-night stand to her best orgasm, Coco spills it all and we love her self-confident way of doing so. Women who are so liberated with their lust are just irresistible!

    In our hot clips with the passionate rider, we acknowledge that besides horses, masturbation is one of Cocos main hobbies. She brings with her several dildos and a special vibrator, sometimes called the Womenizer. When you sees how fast she comes when it gets placed on her clit, you can only be jealous...

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