Chloe is 29 and lives in Melbourne. She’s not afraid of, in fact she plans on enjoying, her “dirty thirties”. What she tells us about her passion for bondage will really raise eyebrows.

    Lasciviously and alluringly, with red painted nails, her feet move in front of our camera. Then we see Chloe’s face. And it’s impossible to ignore the Australian’s bare legs in those sexy shorts. She’s majoring in Japanese studies, and she’s planning to visit Japan this year to directly experience the culture, participate in workshops and just soak in new impressions. In fact, she loves to travel in general and has already seen quite a lot around the world.

    Then there’s the other side of Chloe: She’s very much looking forward to settling down one day and having children. But she knows that won’t be a reality anytime soon, so for now she wants to live it up a little – sexually. She’s totally wild for bondage and has even taken on the task of teaching her erotic pastime to others. As a passionate dancer, she also tries to incorporate bondage from time to time. But that depends on whom she’s dancing with. Although she’s had plenty of experience with bondage, she’s itching to learn more knots and tying techniques. Now she’s about to show us what she knows so far...!

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