Carla is from Uruguay and has lived in Germany since 1996. She moved from Munich to Berlin three weeks ago hoping to find a job at the embassy. Although her dream might be “square”, she’s definitely “well rounded” when it comes to sex.

    For some time now, Carla has been in a long-distance relationship with a guy in Argentina. Whether she will ever meet him in person, she’s not sure. They haven’t even had camsex on Skype – the former German student says it never crossed her mind. But she’s about to release her inhibitions, for our camera only! “I’ve had a fair amount of sex with men,” she tells us. She still has “bodily contact” every now and then. Her darling doesn’t know it, though. But of course we won’t reveal her little secret. It’s an honor :)

    She always enjoys it when humiliation is part of her sexual repertoire. If a lover pees on her or spits in her mouth, she’ll usually come within seconds. On top of that, she goes totally wild for getting smacked. Is that where all the bruises on her butt come from? Carla thinks that the people in her homeland are constantly horny due to the heat. She herself would take no exception. We must say, we find her theory very intriguing!

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