Candela @ Ersties

    Candela is from Cuba and studies art and history. She’s only been in Berlin for two months and already feels at home. She even has a boyfriend – but she doesn’t want to eliminate the possibility of sex with other women. Lucky for her, she doesn’t have to.

    Berlin is way different from Cuba. The German capital is where Candela can indulge in her sexuality on a whim. That’s not how it was back in Cuba. She think it’s great how open-minded the people here are. In the short time that she’s been here, she’s already had her fair share of sexual experiences – not just with her German boyfriend but also with a few sexy women. She first masturbated at the age of 9. Since then, she’s been into watching porn. Candela had her first relationship at 13.

    These days, when she has sex, she especially likes it on the go: on a train or in a car. No surprise, then, that she’s not opposed to sex in public. On the contrary... She thinks sex with women is much nicer and more intense. Women are just better kissers, and they know more about body contact – they’re more responsive when it comes to knowing and listening to what she wants. She’s open to everything, but it’s bondage that she’s especially into. When she masturbates, her fingers are enough – she doesn’t need toys. She’d rather just grab a pillow...

    When her boyfriend embraces her while she’s doing housework, she gets totally turned on – grabbing her breasts or playing with her feet. What else drives her wild? She’ll gladly clue you in...

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