Bobbie is a cute, 22-year old student with short, bleached hair. As a deaf-mute, she has impressive sign language skills. She felt the urge to show off her body to Ersties.

    Bobbie knows what she likes when it comes to love and sex. Within the world of eroticism, sometimes a word doesn’t need to be spoken to send a message. This cheerful student has lots of fun showing what she’s got on camera. And wow, we are also left speechless! What she likes most about her body is her nicely curved eyebrows and her firm breasts. But actually, there’s nothing about her body that she doesn’t like. We must agree, her cleavage is rather striking. Although

    Bobbie is not currently looking per se, if something does catch her eye – and she does have good vision – it’s men with well groomed hands. That grabs her attention. But his personality is more important. He doesn’t need to be tall, but he needs to have a good sense of humor and a big heart. She’s generally not the type to make the first move with a guy, but it depends on the particular situation. Generally, she’d much rather wait to be approached.

    When we ask her what she’s wearing under her sexy dress, she just gives us a suggestive grin. Then she stands up and shows us, that she’s got nothing at all on underneath! She does that often – that way, if she wants to have sex on the spur of the moment, it’s much easier. When having sex, Bobbie certainly doesn’t mind it a little rough. As a matter of fact, she has a old of rather kinky fantasies she’d like to live out.

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