As her name implies, Bertoulle is from France and enjoys her life in the cafés of Paris, as an author and performance artist. Her first shoot literally gets hot and fiery with some very sensual dildo action!

    In these special times it’s very important to use the spare time for valuable and interesting activities … So how about a hot video for our Intimate Moments series? That’s what Bertoulle from Paris thought as well. For her Ersties debut, the French girl wanted to show you how she keeps her incredible body fit. Things such as yoga and being a performance artist work for her. And masturbating of course!

    The 23-year-old likes to talk about herself, her boobs and the sex with her flatmate that helped her get through lockdown. Bertoulle is a very fascinating girl that doesn’t get why people can’t be polyamorous. The word jealousy sounds alien to her and it’s this lack of jealousy that makes her life even more relaxed.

    Her first shoot for Ersties is proof that the Parisian feels beautiful and hot in her body and wants to share it with you. It makes her so horny that a wet pussy like hers should not be missed!

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