This interview is a real doozy: Barbara and Pia chat about their favorite subject – sex. Although Barbara is in a relationship with a man, she can certainly revel in some feminine company. Pia has similar feelings.

    Barbara and Pia recently met at a club. Though Pia was there with a guy. But that didn’t stop the two girls from flirting. And why should it? Getting intimate with another lady is a great thing.

    But long-term, vagina doesn’t do it for Pia, she admits. It’s just not a penis. If she’s intimate with a guy, she wants it very often and intensely. And then of course there are those times when she keeps herself busy, and the guy can just stay out of the picture entirely.

    For Barbara, it’s different, because she’s gotten into a happy relationship. The best part is that he doesn’t mind if she has something else going on with a woman. Every time, though, that she has sex with a woman, he’s super curious and wants to know exactly what it was like. “He’s about to share you with me, too,” beams Pia. Barbara just gives a promising grin, and you can see right away that these ladies are quite looking forward to what happens next...

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