Anna works herself up to a frenzy during this shoot! For the athletically-conditioned babe, it was no sweat…Well, maybe a little bit. Firstly, she pulls out her jump rope to warm up, before taking a seat on the inflatable love chair for extensive pleasure

Fair warning: Anna got pretty out of breath during this shoot! We challenged the stamina of the active Ersties beauty with a new toy. Luckily, Anna is super fit. She starts the shoot enjoying a banana on the balcony before warming up her body with some exercises. For Anna, that means having fun with a jump rope and doing some hot stretching exercises, doggystyle. Once warm, she thoroughly exhausts herself on our inflatable love seat.

With so much physical activity, Anna can indulge her chocolate cravings without a guilty conscience. If she works out as diligently as she does with us, Anna’s butt can only get bigger and hotter! It’s already an absolute eye-catcher, especially when she does her squats naked…

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