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Anna has a desire to travel and connect with new individuals, which led her to make the bold decision of moving from Italy to Prague as a 21-year-old blonde. For this Ersties’ Intimate Moment, she has procured a new plaything for her own amusement.

Anna has a strong desire to explore the world and recently moved from Italy to Prague. While in Prague, she is actively seeking out new connections and has plans to visit Dubai in the future. She misses the food from her homeland but appreciates the delicious goulash available in Prague and the cost-effective flights to Italy. Additionally, she is a passionate traveler and enjoys flying which is another reason for her frequent trips back to Italy. She finds it challenging to connect with locals in Prague as they tend to be introverted, but has found that bonding over beer is a great way to socialize. For this intimate shoot, she indulged in her second favorite activity: shopping and bought herself a new toy, but it arrived without a charged battery, but she is still able to enjoy it and ready for the shoot.

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