Anita (22) from Berlin. She seems mysterious. But right from the beginning on you can tell how much she was looking forward to our date. She shows us something really special and lets us film her in an intimate moment.

    While sitting on her bed her look already tells a story. Anita, who is a musicologist from Berlin, slowly starts to undress herself. Bit by bit she bares all. While undressing, some nice ideas flash through her mind. We can tell because, with relish, she keeps her eyes closed.

    Undressing herself with abandon, her long black hair gets in her way. But with skilful and silky moves she puts them back across the shoulder. Only then, while she is sitting in front of us in her cute lingerie, we can spot a dildo on her bed. With high expectations we watch her and are excited with what she plans to do with this sex toy!

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