Why wait for the right guy or go on lousy dates when they can have so much lustful fun with each other? Ana and Candice know exactly what the other wants, and they have a whole handbag full of toys at their disposal...

Candice and Ana share a passion for orgasms. Because Candice met a guy the night before who was too drunk to take care of her needs, and because Ana needs to teleport to see her boyfriend when she spontaneously wants an orgasm, the pair help each other with their horny desires.

Ana has the toys she needs in her handbag. Next to cell phones and laptops, sex toys are Ana’s most valuable and most important possession. The beautiful marine scientist also needs a lot of toys because she loves to feel full in all her body orifices. Her biggest dream is to try out a fucking machine. Just the thought of it makes Ana incredibly wet.

On this date, Candice makes Ana’s sexy body glow. Beautiful Candice knows exactly how to handle several toys at the same time, and has Ana moaning pleasurably in no time. Ana pays Candice back for this, giving her her longed-for passionate date and making her drunk from her orgasms.

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