Amelia and Alex are sexually very talented. Sure, they have a lot more talents, but this talent is our favourite, because what they do in bed is hard to beat in terms of eroticism, and that’s what it’s all about here at Ersties.

    The word ‘sweet’ always has a sugary aftertaste that makes everything a little sticky, but somehow you can’t avoid describing Amelia and Alex as an incredibly sweet couple. Don’t worry, they won’t show us their cats and home decorations in this Intimate Moments shoot. Instead, they provide us with a look into their private bedroom to watch them lick each other’s vaginas and fuck each other with a strap-on from all sides.

    Amelia and Alex don’t have vanilla sex and they don’t need male support to get off on each other because lesbian sex is more than just scissoring, fingering and licking. And thanks to the ingenuity of the sex industry, there are strap-on dildos and this cute couple shows us how hot strap-on sex is.

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