Hi ppl, I’m just starting college this semester but its been a crazy covid year if you know what I mean. High school kind of ended early and we didnt even have a graduation prom night or some of the things us seniors would be doing. So I stayed home with my mom and dad and went insane not being able to hang out with my friends. I watched more porn and maybe thats why I wanted to try this. I do want to see what porn is like and ftvgirls seemed like a good start. Im not a dresser or fancy person and so I dont have anything fashion-wise but maybe with the money I make I’ll get some heels and clothes. I’m just a teans and t-shirt kind of person. I can truly say I never thought I could my whole hand in me or squirt or cum on camera like I did. Also I didnt think I would enjoy flashing in public but it felt fun somehow. I know I like my ass and my bf wants to have anal with me but I think what I did with my fingers and the butt balls is a good start. I also didnt think my pussy goes that deep, I mean where does that dildo all go up in there? When I had my hand in side it felt so tight around my knuckles like my walls were pushing all around my hand. The pressure made it feel good especially when I made my hand push to the back where it ended.

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