As a child Alexa (23) from Nuremburg wanted to become a car body painter. But today she is doing an apprenticeship to become a baker – cause she likes to have something to knead. She reveals this to us with an auspicious wink of the eye. ;-)

    Although she has been living with her boyfriend for the past eight years, she wouldn’t ever say no to a pretty girl. After all, a little “bi” never hurt anybody. But until now, shy Alexa has never had the opportunity to make her dream of having sex with a woman come true. Or a threesome might be nice, too. But just because she hasn’t yet, doesn’t mean she won’t, right?

    All in all, she has many, many wishes and desires. For example, she would like to be more like Marilyn Monroe. In Alexa’s eyes, no one radiated more sensuality and erotic charm. And if Alexa had one more wish left to make, she would love to be able to just fly away – no matter where. What else will she reveal to us about her erotic wishes and dreams?

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