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Hello from St. Petersburg!

Alexa L has been eager to join our team for quite some time. In an interview, the Russian beauty shares her fascination with Ersties and reveals what she has planned for her debut performance in front of our camera.

Alexa L watched her first film as a teenager, and has since become a passionate follower of all kinds of media. She’s been eager to be in front of the camera herself for quite some time, and when she found Ersties, it was a match made in heaven.

During her interview, Alexa L talks about the journey she’s been on and the concepts she’s brought with her for her Ersties debut. Additionally, the Russian-born star also provided us with two videos showcasing her preferred style without the need for words.

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    It might be a strange thing to say about a woman showing us every part of herself, but really, honestly, your smile is so beautiful. It brings joy to my heart to see it!

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