Alanna describes herself as exhibitionist. We think that’s the right combination for this Intimate Moments shoot: the thought of you watching her and getting hot is a big turn on for Alanna!

    Do you also experience this? The sexual excitement after a hard workout, when the muscles are pumped and the blood speeds through the body? The reasons why workouts make us happy are still being explored, but we definitely know that we do feel happy, beautiful, and sexy afterwards. Yes, sport and sexuality are somehow connected and both let us feel our bodies and give us feelings of vitality.

    Alanna loves this feeling. She likes to take off her tank top after training at the gym and walking through the studio to the locker room in front of everyone with just her bra covering her beautiful breasts. She likes to masturbate in the shower afterwards and she also wants to have sex in the locker room if it were possible to do it undetected. Or let’s put it this way: without any embarrassing consequences. With these thoughts you can only get hotter... as hot as Alanna’s body after such a hard workout with added sexual tension.

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