When a beautiful girl like Aislin, from Ukraine, sits in front of the Ersties camera and talks about sex, self-love and girls… we can just say JACKPOT! And when she starts to show off her amazing body as well… DOUBLE JACKPOT!

    Born in Kiev, Aislin is a girl that even before starting to tell us about her interesting and fascinating life, blew us away with her stunning beauty. A kind and cute smile, lovely porcelain skin and an amazing body.

    Being a lesbian is not easy in Ukraine, something Aislin opens up about. Because of this she decided to move to Berlin, a city with no limits and taboos, where she met her now girlfriend and enjoys sex whenever and wherever she wants. She loves role-plays and enjoying acting out all types of roles!

    For her first shoot with Ersties the gorgeous beauty invited us over and (as you might have guessed) we are very pleased to accept! But now, we’ll stop the talking and you can see for yourself!

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