Off to the fairgrounds! Agnes (21) loves it turbulent. But a relaxed ride on the Ferris wheel isn’t bad either. Who knows what chances for a flirt the sweet cologne-by-choice girl will have on the fair?

    She is still looking for a training position as a restaurant specialist – and when you consider how energetic and full of ideas Agnes is, it surely seems she will soon find just the right spot. But for now, it’s time to celebrate. It’s so much fun to prowl the carnival in Cologne with her! :-)

    Today’s weather – rain and wind – don’t really seem to suit her. She’s such a “summer girl” – she loves it when the sun is out and everything outdoors is so nice and warm. So for now, she’ll just have to compensate with some “warm thoughts“. She might currently have several acquaintances, but it never hurts to test one’s own flirt factor from time to time. And which location would be better suited for that than the carnival? We are certainly curious to see what’s about to happen next…!

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