Abbey is from Berlin Friedrichshain and is currently doing an apprenticeship to become a dressmaker. She dreams of having her own label one day. For this she works hard.

    Somehow, Abbey’s lively, punky haircut and the fashionable lipstick she’s wearing seem to contrast with her gray, oversized sweater. But when she starts talking about her love life, it’s anything but ordinary! And her motto for life is so clear and simple: “You just have to want it”. And if she really wants something, she’s not the type to hesitate, she tells us. Now, she just wants to enjoy her life. A relationship just wouldn’t fit into the concept right now. She much more prefers having an affair or two, because they can’t restrict her freedom as much.

    She treats sex the same way she would treat food: Abbey is less of a person who slowly savors things. Instead, when she gets hungry, she devours things. And so when it comes to sex, she can do without a starter plate – um, I mean foreplay. Does she like threesomes as well? Here comes her surprising answer…

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